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Build in Unity with the Filta plugin
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One-click publish to desktop and mobile
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Use pre-built assets from Unity Asset Store
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Import from Blender/ Maya/Houdini/etc.
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Supports large textures and models
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Tutorials, Templates, and More

Tutorials, Templates, and More

We have resources for every level of artist - from introductions to advanced guides. Check them all out in our Artist Help Center
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Feature Comparison

Platform FeaturesInstagramSnapchatFilta
Scripting Support
Mobile Support
Desktop SupportDiscontinued
Photoreal Materials
Photoreal Lighting
Build In Unity
Learn GameDev Skills
Asset StoreLimitedGoodBest: Unity Asset Store
App Capabilities
Tracking QualityOkGoodBest
Bloom/Glow QualityLimitedGoodRealistic
Suggested Maximums
Max File Size4MB8MB100MB
Max Texture Res1024 x 1024 🤮2048 x 20488192 x 8192
Max Triangle Count50,000100,0001,000,000
Max Particle countThousandsThousands1+ Million
Max Physics Objects-TensHundreds
Visual ScriptingLimited NodesStandard NodesExtensive Nodes
Materials/ShadersLimited Graph EditorBasic Graph EditorFull Graph Editor
Visual EffectsSimple EmittersComplex EmittersGraph Editor
Animation-Tween SystemFull Timeline
Animation Blending-Animation MixerFull Blend Trees
AI Logic--State Machine
Built-In Post-Processing-StandardExtensive
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