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Make Filters & Earn a Living

Keep 90%

Keep 90% of
your sales


Earn 1-10% royalties
on resales


Artwork secured by
blockchain technology

Filta is the app that we wanted for ourselves

Filta is the app that we wanted for ourselves

Built by artists and engineers that have worked at places like Pixar, Oculus, and Facebook
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Reasons to try Filta

With other platforms
With Filta

Selling filters is hard

Juggling things like clients, secret Snapchat links, Gumroad uploads, OpenSea sales. Why is it so hard?

Easily create, buy, sell, and use all in one place with Filta.

Tooling is bad

Have you ever wanted to have physics? Realistic lighting and shading? Amazing particle systems? Us too.

Filta uses Unity to provide the best filter creation tools anywhere. Finally you can create your wildest dreams.

Artists aren't compensated

Creating filters requires time and incredible talent. Your work gets used by millions of people. Why do other platforms keep all the earnings?

Use Filta to create limited-editions of your work and sell directly to fans. You keep 90% and earn royalties on resales.


Our features are artist friendly

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Easily split earnings with collaborators
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Art ownership backed by NFTs
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Earn royalties ~forever~
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Automatically AR/ VR / Gaming compatible

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