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Augment Yourself Anywhere

Wear limited-edition digital makeup
on mobile and desktop

Use Filta For...

Instant Makeup

Get ready for work with a single click. Wear on Zoom, Teams, Meet. Slack. & more.
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Instant Makeup

Stream Monetization

Let donations control what you wear on stream.
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Stream Monetization

Anonymity Online

Keep your identity (and data!) private with our privacy face filters.
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Anonymity Online

NFT Wearing

Simply connect, tap, and become your favorite NFT.
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NFT Wearing

Minecraft/etc. Avatars

Want to wear your favorite avatars from Minecraft, VRChat, and more?
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Minecraft/etc. Avatars

Video Meetings

Use digital wearables on your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet calls.
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Video Meetings

How Filta Works

Step 1


Browse the Filta Marketplace to find artists and filters that you love

Step 2


Claim your favorite filters to add them to your collection.

Step 3


Wear your collection using the Filta iOS or desktop app. Create photos/videos to share or even wear your filters live on video chat/stream.

Supported Platforms

Video Chat

  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Discord

Social Media

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook


  • OBS
  • Twitch
  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
...and many more
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Are you
an artist?

Learn how to get started creating and publishing on Filta.
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Let's Chat

We can help turn your brand, character, NFT project, or other IP into a digital wearable.
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Augmented Reality NFT exclusively available on Filta

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